Daniel Wolfe and Glassworks: Dulux “Colorless Future”

According to a recent survey commissioned by Dulux, “the UK is sleepwalking into a colorless future, with color gradually draining out of all elements of life.”

Obviously dire news for a paint maker, so BBH London brought on Somesuch director Daniel Wolfe and London VFX class-act Glassworks to create this sweeping, chromo-challenged future featuring a massive practical model and a full palette of digital work.

Agency: BBH London
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production: Somesuch
VFX: Glassworks UK
Post production superviser: Duncan Malcolm

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Obsessive Robot Pines for Lost Love

Intriguing live action and CG trailer for Polish sci-fi writer Jacek Dukaj’s new novel “The Old Axolotl” from director/DOP Maciej Jackiewicz and Warsaw’s 3D powerhouse Platige Image who also handled all the visual content for the e-book and key visuals for the promo campaign.

“The Old Axolotl” e-book premiere’s in English on March 24th.

Concept/story by: Fish Ladder

Director/DOP: Maciej Jackiewicz
Producer: Marta Staniszewska
Production assistant: Sylwia Bujno
CG Supervisor: Maciej Jackiewicz
Concept/robot: Alexander Jaeger
Storyboard: Bartłomiej Kik
Lighting artist: Mariusz Giętkowski
Modeling artists: Seid Tursic, Klaudiusz Wesołowski, Artur Owśnicki
3D scanning: Klaudiusz Wesołowski
Shading artist: Bartłomiej Walendziak
Character TD: Mateusz Kruczała
FX TD: Adam Guzowski
Layout/ animation/compositing artist: Szlum Pinkumbaum
Additional artists: Piotr Chuchulski, Aleksander Żuk

Music: “Keep Me Warm” Tom Rosenthal/Alex Brenchley
Sound producers: Katarzyna Kowalczyk/Juice, Maia Sobczak/Juice
Sound design and mix: Kuba Pietrzak/Juice

Cast: Angelika Kujawiak

Special thanks to: ABB Sp. z o.o.

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